Gurguburek - Old Postcards

  • 01
    Into the storm
  • 02
    Dead frogs in the road
  • 03
    God save the sax
  • 07
    Santa Barbara




The idea of old postcards calls up a set of associations: Enigmatic images whose meanings have been effaced by time; unidentifiable figures whose faces and postures nevertheless arrest the eye. As with music these are forms resistant to paraphrase and thus left to speak for themselves. So with "Old Postcards," a collection of six interactive sound environments by Gurguburek—Cristiano Bocci (live electronics, acoustic guitars, theremin) and Tobia Bondesan (tenor saxophone and wood flute). All pieces are improvised around a seed idea—a pitch or rhythmic sequence, a set of basic relationships blocked out between the voices, or recorded samples—which structure the music's development. There are no overdubs--winds and electronics respond to each other in real time. Daniel Barbiero (Silver Spring, MD, USA)

Cristiano Bocci Live electronics, acoustic guitar, theremin, samples
Tobia Bondesan Tenor saxophone, corrugated plastic pipe and mouthpiece, wood flute

Diego Nencioni: voice on Santa Barbara reading "Carbone" by Erri De Luca
Recorded and mixed by Cristiano Bocci and Tobia Bondesan at Small Circle Studio in Stigliano (Italy)
Mastered by Alessandro Guasconi at Virus Studio (Siena, Italy)
Artwork by Marta Viviani
Undirected players: Rev. Clay Evans Preaching "Storm Survivors" at Jasper William Church; Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Rubaiyat of Hakim Omar Khayyam.

Santa Barbara was written in memory of the forty-three workers who died, in the mine eplosion at Ribolla (Grosseto, Italy) on May 4, 1954, and is dedicated to miners of all times and all over the world