Massimo Discepoli - The Right Place on the Wrong Map
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Crepuscular and dreamy atmospheres, large spaces, sparse melodies and drums that at times are textural and sometimes tells the story: these are some of the characteristics of "The Right Place on the Wrong Map", the new album by Massimo Discepoli, released four years after his previous album "Parallax". In these seven tracks the Italian drummer and composer continues his path of experimentation and research between electronic sounds and the pure acoustic sound of the drums, with suggestions ranging from post-rock to ambient, from jazz improvisation to minimalism, always with the desire to tell "abstract stories" characterized by atmospheres that continually oscillate between light and darkness, at the same time transporting the listener to imaginary and suggestive landscapes.



  • "The Right Place… is an abstract and polyphonic ride into a heady cloud of improvised jazz, percussive phraseology, and galactic vistas. As a taster for the album, it promises much and demonstrates Discepoli‘s mastery of musical juxtaposition. Beautifully resonant and texturally shifting, The Right Place on the Wrong Map is a profound and ethereal trip into a twilight world of imaginary landscapes." Getintothis

    "The affair offers an appealingly hazy daydream for anyone similarly happy to let go of obvious expectations.[...]This map is an unexpectedly big one with plenty of chances for detours." All About Jazz

    "A musician with excellent narrative skills and able to draw exciting landscapes, with great delicacy and deep sensitivity." Battiti (Rai Radio 3)

    "A pleasant and peaceful place where you can get lost for a moment, abandoning yourself to a reassuring feeling of lightness" Blow Up (January 2019)

    "Discepoli is an imaginative, creative drummer who can balance color against propulsion, and dynamics against the demands of expression" Avant Music News (Daniel Barbiero)

    "The album is warm and inviting, an open door for those who want to trust their musical GPSes" A Closer Listen

    "The Right Place In The Wrong Map returns us the figure of a musician who escapes a good number of clichés, as well as the clutches of the timbric research for the sake of it. A gray, solitary and moving winter landscape." The New Noise

    "A beautiful ride through electronic, improvised music, jazz, leftfield and beyond." The Attic

    "A carefully and tastefully organized trip" Vital Weekly

    "An imaginary sensory drift" So What

    "A fascinating album"" Esperienze Sonore

    "Accessible but with an interesting edge" Difficult Listening

    "Abstract music, made with command of language and professional skills" (Bruno Pollacci) Anima Jazz

    "A disk full of sensations and vibrations, with an excellent mix of sounds." Traks

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    Battiti (Rai Radio 3), Foreign Accents, Radio Popolare (Prospettive Musicali), Anima Jazz, Esperienze Sonore,O dominio dos deuses, Space is the Place, Night Tides, Syndae